Well at least we got to the World Cup Semis…

Published on 18 December 2018 by Adam Leigh

How was your year?

Are you a teency bit miserable about the state of world? Do you feel that the fabric of civilised society is fluttering in the winds of discord? Do you think that there are too may clich├ęs in this paragraph? And are you thinking, surely not another question?

Well cheer up and embrace the romance of Christmas. Reflect wistfully on your achievements of 2018 whilst anticipating the greatness that lies ahead in 2019. Wow, it seems only yesterday that we partied like it was 1999.

Enjoy this collection of musings from the year, inspired by the absurdity of its events, all of which have elicited levels of fandom, (admittedly on LinkedIn and basically friends and family) that would make Taylor Swift very jealous.

And in addition to get you in the festive mood, (and with apologies to the estate of Charles Dickens) I have updated a much-loved seasonal literary classic, to prove that there are important lessons for all of us from our past behaviour to create a better working future.

So please just click on the link and enjoy the little book that will miraculously appear and provide an alternative to rubbish Christmas TV. In the meantime, may 2019 be a year of success, happiness and general universal love